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We are the Cohansey Area Watershed Association (CAWA), a 501(c)(3) organization focused on improving the quality of  the Cohansey River Watershed in Salem and Cumberland Counties in southern New Jersey.

The Cohansey River is 30.6 miles long and drains about 108 square miles! Beginning in central Salem County, the Cohansey River runs south through Cumberland County, draining mostly through rural agricultural land and forested lowlands. The river passes through Upper Deerfield Township, Hopewell Township, the City of Bridgeton, Fairfield Township, and Greenwich Township as it makes its way toward the Delaware Bay. There, it feeds into productive and invaluable wetlands and salt marshes.


About CAWA

CAWA was founded in order to maintain the health and beauty of the Cohansey River and Watershed. We have three main purposes:

1) To protect and restore the natural, cultural, and recreational resources of the Cohansey area watershed;

2) To promote research and action to determine and secure a healthy watershed;

3) To expand public awareness and appreciation of the watershed’s many valuable and unique resources.


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Contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments, or if you’re interested in joining CAWA as an annual member!